UEZ Coordinator Christopher Mobley


City of Orange Township Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)
Orange is not only a great place to live; it's also a great place to build a business. The Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) has helped make Orange an attractive destination to start of expand a business, through incentives that provide local businesses with significant financial benefits. The UEZ continues to attract new businesses seeking a strong competitive edge, a dynamic City that's on the move with abundant opportunities, a community that's centrally located and convenient to all means of transportation, and assistance that cuts through the red tape and makes it quick and easy to get your business up and running in Orange. The City's businesses range from retail to light manufacturing. On Main Street alone - a wide, 4-lane, tree-lined boulevard that traverses the heart of town – you'll find over 300 heavily trafficked stores. The variety and value of the merchandise offered – combined with the convenience and frequency of public transportation and excellent vehicular access via the Garden State Parkway and Interstate 280 – draws customers from throughout the surrounding area. It's busy, it's exciting, and it has the look and feel of a vibrant downtown center that is becoming increasingly prosperous. Our "hub" location in the center of the New York/New Jersey metropolitan market – along with surprisingly modest facility costs – makes Orange a prime destination for anyone seeking to start-up and develop a business, and for any larger, established company wanting to expand.

UEZ has been phased out, but remaining funds will be used for planned projects.
























• 100% sales tax exemption on most business-related purchases.
• 3.5% Sales Tax — retail businesses may charge their customers 50% of the standard 7% NJ sales tax.
• One-time corporation tax credit of $1,500 for each qualified new employee.
• Subsidized unemployment insurance for certain new employees with gross salaries of less than $4,500 per quarter.
• Tax credit against the Corporation Business Tax of 8%.
• Priority financial assistance from the New Jersey Local Development Financing Fund and Department of Labor Job Training Program